Have you ever called a City or County Planning Dept. to find out what you can do with your land only to get a recording?

Have you ever had a meeting with a City or County Planning Dept. to find out what you can do with your land only to come away from that meeting more confused and frustrated?

Bedsaul/Vincent Consulting, LLC, Tillamook, Oregon

Bedsaul/Vincent Consulting, LLC is dedicated to “cut through the red tape” of zoning regulations and provide clients with a high standard of service and professional integrity by employing our 19 years of experience in land development projects. We firmly believe that all rural and urban property owners deserve to benefit from the full and allowable use of their land. Our mission is to see that you attain your goal of full land development.

We believe that your time is too valuable to be spent on a task that is better suited for someone who possesses the technical knowledge, expertise and experience to get that job done-and that is where Bedsaul/Vincent Consulting, LLC excels.

We offer the following specialized consulting services for your development projects:

We look forward to assisting you in your development project. We provide services that assess the feasibility of a project's success, and then employ our proven methods that result in an approval rate of 99%.

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