Bruce Vincent, President and Land Development Consultant

Bruce Vincent holds a Masters Degree in Urban Planning from Portland State University. He retains many valuable alliances with fellow graduates who are in positions of authority within various jurisdictions throughout Oregon and Washington. His undergraduate degree in Forestry gives him a broad understanding of biological sciences and the ability to recognize and identify potential environmental problems on clients' properties. Ten years of experience in the landscape industry enhances and broadens his knowledge and understanding of the urban environment.

Mr. Vincent has over 19 years experience in land use planning in Oregon and Southwestern Washington with experience in both the public and private sectors. He worked as a Planner for the Port of Portland and spent six years as a planning supervisor and business manager with private planning and building code consulting firms prior to establishing his own consulting business. He specializes in rural and urban land use approval processes, such as zone changes, conditional uses, rural and urban subdivisions and partitions, floodplain alteration permits, environmental reviews, adjustments, plan amendments, and farm and forest dwellings. He has also prepared application narratives for hard rock and alluvial mining permits. He has worked on over 30 State of Oregon Measure 37 claims, and continues to work on 20 State of Oregon Measure 49 claims, most of which have already received State approval. Some of the M-49 approved claims have also received County partition/dwelling approvals resulting from the M-49 claims.

He has conducted many neighborhood meetings required as part of land use applications, and has had extensive experience in presenting cases before Land Use Hearings Officers, Planning Commissions, Board of Commissioners, and City Councils. He has also worked as part of attorney/engineer project teams presenting complex cases before the Land Use Hearings Officers, Planning Commissions, Board of Commissioners, and City Councils.

He has six years of expertise in cellular communications processing rural and urban cell tower applications in the Portland Metropolitan area, the Willamette Valley. Southern Oregon and SW Washington. In those six years he has processed over 150 applications for new cell sites.

Connie Vincent, Partner

Connie Vincent graduated from Portland State University with a degree in English and later attended Lewis & Clark Law School. Prior to the formation of Bedsaul/Vincent Consulting, LLC she worked in a variety of positions to insure legal compliance with federal, state and local laws as they relate to the insurance business. She managed the Contracts and Benefits Department of an Oregon health insurance corporation.

Connie's legal background and experience allowed her to make a smooth transition to researching state and local land-use laws and regulations and to the preparation of related land-use applications. Connie has experience in both urban and rural land-use applications, with an emphasis on farm and forest dwelling applications.

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